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  • Andrej Hunko attends Assange hearing in London

Pressemitteilungen von Andrej Hunko

Andrej Hunko attends Assange hearing in London

andrej hunko assange london 20191011Today, Friday, German MP Andrej Hunko (DIE LINKE) observed a hearing in the extradition proceedings against the journalist Julian Assange as part of an individual European policy mission in London. The short “technical hearing” dealt with numerous extradition cases. Assange himself participated through a video call. A further hearing with Assange's physical presence was scheduled for 21 October. The trial concerns a possible extradition to the USA, where the journalist is threatened with life imprisonment or even the death penalty for publishing material on war crimes, among other things. Andrej Hunko explained:

“The hearing lasted only a few minutes and I could only get a very limited idea of the state of Assange. But he seemed physically and psychologically weakened. Recently UN expert Nils Melzer had declared that Assange shows all symptoms of psychological torture.

In front of the court buildig I, together with other international supporters, spoke out against the extradition of Julian Assange. His political persecution is a worrying attack on press freedom and should be condemned by all democrats.

I also had the opportunity to speak to a lawyer from Assange's defence team. Despite the odds, she was optimistic that she would win the trial and avert extradition.”

The official trip as a parliamentarian to London also included participation in the Westminster Russia Forum on Thursday and political talks around the Brexit.

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