Pressemitteilungen von Andrej Hunko

Before giving the EU any new counter-terrorism powers, let’s evaluate the old measures

Statement from Andrej Hunko on EU plans to merge the work of police and intelligence services in The Hague:

"I am somewhat concerned by the linking of migration and terrorism. First, this stigmatises migrants as a terrorist threat. Second, it paves the way for greater EU anti-terrorist legislation. 

Since 9/11, we have lost democratic control over the EU agenda on internal and external security. As an example, the new ‘counter-terrorism centre’ run by the Counter Terrorism Group in The Hague processes data from up to 30 domestic intelligence services. The information is supposed to help find terrorist offenders among asylum seekers in Greece or Italy. However, there is no parliamentary oversight of this new ‘platform’.

According to the Treaty of Lisbon, the EU and its parliament have no powers regarding intelligence services. On a national level, too, the German government has not provided any information on what takes place in The Hague, because this would violate the ‘Third Party Rule’ which all intelligence partners in the centre have agreed to. We have not even been told which authorities from which countries are working together there.

Now we can see that this ‘platform’ is developing quickly: it will collaborate with Europol and the CTG and is invited to each meeting of the Council working group on terrorism. The EU thus appears to be merging the work of police and intelligence services – in secret. In light of Germany’s experience with the Gestapo, this is a delicate issue in our country, where there is a clear legal distinction between these two areas. 

After 9/11, the EU adopted around 300 anti-terrorist measures including regulations, directives, framework decisions, action plans or strategy documents. Only a few of these were voted on in the European Parliament. That means that the Council, and not the lawmakers, are the architects of the security and counter-terrorism agenda. Before giving the EU any new powers, let’s evaluate these old measures. I strongly oppose enhancing the capacities of domestic intelligence services across Europe."

Andrej Hunko, MdB 2018