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Disclosure of questionable operations of UK undercover police officer within left movements!

“The British undercover police officer Mark Kennedy, who was uncovered in October 2010, also operated in Germany on the border of illegality. We know now of at least one case, in which Kennedy offered his “help” to work against Nazi structures,” stated the German Member of Parliament Andrej Hunko today.

To an activist living in Germany, Kennedy had offered that when there was a “Nazi problem”, that he could come with “his friends” to take care of it. Kennedy then expected that the activist should give him hints.

“Kennedy wanted to infiltrate anti-fascists, and as an agent provocateur to instigate actions together with them. I suspect then, that it wasn't Scotland Yard that focussed his interest on the ‘hot spots’ of the German anti-fascist scene. I see proof instead of the opposite, that the German police were involved in the operation of this British agent. The Government has denied the opportunity to disclose information relating to my official Question of the Government. In view of the continually increasing evidence of illegal activities I demand that the operations of Kennedy within Germany be illuminated,” criticised Hunko.

In Great Britain this week a court case against climate change activists was suddenly dropped as it became known that Kennedy had instigated the charged individuals. It should now be demanded that all other cases be reviewed, in which Kennedy's evidence might have been a crucial factor.

These discoveries were also yesterday a theme in the British and Irish Parliaments: Members of Parliaments demanded explanations regarding the questionable deployment of Kennedy.

“The German Government must fully disclose, in which connections Kennedy was deployed, which actions he initiated, and which information he delivered about activists. Only then can questionable measures for the prosecution of criminal offences be checked with the benefit of hindsight,” demanded Hunko.

“I can only conclude, that this operation was legally dubious, when not totally illegal. No police officer can investigate activists over a number of years, when there is no concrete investigation.”