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Transparent exposure of EU-wide undercover officer scandal!

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“Again, I insist that the German Government must release information about the operations of the British undercover police officer Mark Kennedy immediately,” demands Member of German Bundestag Andrej Hunko. “New details of his illegal undercover practices within the European Union come to light daily, including activities in Iceland, Ireland, and Germany. In the UK, evidence based on Kennedy's knowledge has resulted in the immediate cessation of a state prosecution.” The British media is currently reporting the use of sexual affairs as a means of obtaining information. Kennedy was known to have affairs or relationships with activists. Apparently this was not only common, but considered as a type of “proof of success.”



“The Guardian states properly that such practice is against the European Union Human Rights Convention. The British Interior Ministry itself has guidelines saying that the initiation of relationships by civil servants under false pretences can be an infraction of Human Rights,” criticises Andrej Hunko.

Therefore, I have sent a brief to Members of the British Parliament requesting to unconditionally place all supporting evidence from the police relating to the operations of Mark Kennedy in a secure environment, with oversight bodies responsible for his operations.

In a press release, the organisers of the British climate camp welcomed the exposure of Kennedy, but due to the lack of the ability of the police to remain impartial, oppose in internal investigation.

“Also in Germany, all incidents must be exposed regarding the operations of Kennedy in connection with anti-globalisation, anti-racism or anti-fascism. This includes the actions of responsible police commanders. This is the only way to achieve tamper-proof reconstruction without discrepancies, in regards to unlawful operations within the private sphere, or illegal practices. All current similar undercover investigations in such activist movements must be stopped. I have therefore sent anew a question on the German government, and await an answer next week,” sais Hunko.

Text of the Question to the German Government on 14 January 2011

How can activists from the anti-globalisation, anti-racist or anti-military movements in Germany be sure that they have not been prosecuted in the last seven years as a result of false accusations or illegal acts carried out by Mark Kennedy – acting either as Agent Provocateur or in other ways, including use of sexual acts? This question relates, among other things, to the decision of the state prosecution service in the UK to drop a case when such information [about Kennedy’s involvement] became public.